Bangladesh Relief

George Harrison’s friend Ravi Shankar had asked for some help in organizing a relief concert for the victims of the Bangladesh cyclone and famine. George enlisted the help of his friend and fellow musician, Bob Dylan, as well as fellow Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr. They worked together to put on a successful concert at Madison Square Garden that raised both awareness and money for the cause. Now we are asking you for help. Go to our donation page, please help!

My friend came to me
With sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies
Although I couldn’t feel the pain
I knew I had to try
Now I’m asking all of you
To help us save some lives

Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Where so many people are dying fast
And it sure looks like a mess
I’ve never seen such distress
Now won’t you lend your hand, try to understand?
Relieve the people of Bangladesh

Now it may seem so far from where we all are
It’s something we can’t reject
It’s something I can’t neglect
Now won’t you give some bread? Get the starving fed?
We’ve got to relieve Bangladesh
Relieve the people of Bangladesh
We’ve got to relieve Bangladesh

Now won’t you lend your hand and understand?
Relieve the people of Bangladesh

George Harrison

Relieve The People of Bangladesh

You can help provide relief to the people of Bangladesh from our

Bangladesh is a country of 158 million people, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is also one of the lowest-lying countries, with an average elevation of only 10 meters above sea level.

This makes Bangladesh especially vulnerable to flooding and other extreme weather events that are becoming more frequent and more intense.

In 2007, a cyclone struck Bangladesh and killed more than 3,000 people.

In 2010, another cyclone killed over 100 people. And in 2012, floods caused by unusually heavy monsoon rains affected nearly 20 million people, killing hundreds and leaving millions more homeless.

The changing climate is not only making extreme weather events more frequent and more intense, but it is also affecting the availability of food.

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Rising temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns are making it harder for farmers to grow crops, and as a result, food prices have been rising steadily in recent years.

The combination of extreme weather events and rising food prices have created a perfect storm of hunger and poverty in Bangladesh.

According to UNICEF, nearly half of all children under the age of five are now malnourished, and the number of people suffering from severe hunger has doubled in just the last few years.

Providing food relief for the starving people of Bangladesh is an enormous challenge, but it is one that we must meet.

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food distribution for the real hungry children in slum areas
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